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Madeline Rae

Idea generator. Journalist. Cultural researcher. Public health communicator.

I’ve had many titles in my time. What it boils down to is an insatiable desire to connect ideas and industries, the ability to provide people and companies with nuanced solutions…and a pretty wicked coffee addiction. As a research gremlin and culture junkie, I’ve spent my life compiling databases of fascinating information about the world around us, ready to be put to good use.


I'm a veritable chameleon; growing up on the red carpets of Hollywood, I have founded and run a nonprofit, was trained by Columbia University’s Dart Center for Journalism & Trauma to report safely in crisis zones and certified by the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin to pour the perfect pint of I've got range!



One of the perks of years of exhaustive research and interviewing experts is that I have compiled a treasure trove of information on pretty much anything you care to name. I am experienced in troubleshooting nuanced solutions to niche problems, generating intersectional ideas for effective innovations, creating agile teams that speak to the culture of a company and streamlining businesses to ensure that meaningful changes are being made. 



The world needs good, accurate journalism now, more than ever. Combining my academic background in cultural anthropology and public health with boots-on-the-ground training in crisis reporting and news-editorial journalism, I am able to produce and facilitate quality content on a national and international scale, ensuring diverse voices are being heard. With my experience in content creation, I am also adept at creating multidimensional, on-brand narratives. 

Global Issues, Global Solutions

Click the map to see the placed I've lived, researched, written about or created public health initiatives for


Journalist by trade.
Curious by birth.

Coffee addict by default.

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